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A week in the country

Another group of children from Donbass is arriving at the Yablunitsa children’s village of the Caritas-Spes Ukraine mission. Here they can enjoy a healthy environment thanks to the support of the Holy Father Pope Francis (The campaign Father for Ukraine).

On Sunday, January 14th, in the highlands of the Carpathians, the conditions were good. So the children went for a walk in the woods with their caregivers. For them it was a genuine mountain climbing experience. It’s no secret that little children perceive the world and nature differently to the way adults do.  So it’s not surprising that a short walk along the Carpathian slopes seemed to them like a hiking expedition – a genuine adventure.

Here’s a mountain stream, and there’s a grove of snow-covered fir trees. The steep mountain trails, the clean mountain air, the sun penetrating through the trees. All this made an impression. And finally – an opening to a clearing from where an incredible landscape opens up.  And because it was Sunday, the children occasionally talked to Sister Anastasia about honoring the Lord’s Day, celebrating the Christian day of worship and rest. As we try to convey to children the basics of the Christian faith that unite us all, regardless of one’s confession or ceremonial differences, we also want to introduce them to the 10 commandments. The children were lively in answering questions and together they made a list of what was appropriate to do on Sundays and what was not, so that one could instead devote this day to God, his neighbor and himself.   In the evening, the children attended a long-awaited dance.

Photo by Anna Zadniprovska

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