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Father Petro Zharkovskii, President of Caritas-Spes Ukraine: God’s economics – it’s better to give than to receive.

“When I visited the Caritas-Spes Ukraine camp in Zarichan, where children from Donetsk Region are taking part in recreational and learning activities as part of the campaign Father for Ukraine, I brought along some chocolates and other sweets. And then after we had distributed gifts among the children, I told them a story from my own childhood.”
Now I want to tell you how much better it is to give than to receive, I told the children in the camp. As people, we are a little selfish. We only want to receive. It’s embedded in our consciousness that the more we get, the richer we become: I want it all! Giving only makes me poor!
But God’s economics is a little different. God’s economics says that when you give, you get richer. God will bless you and you will get back 100 times more than what you gave. Or to put it another way: we receive great joy from giving.
Then I shared with these little ones a tiny example from my own childhood that I still remember. My sister, who was six years older than me, had already started school while I was still staying at home with my mother. We lived very modestly. But my mother, like all mothers, was always thoughtful towards us and would give my sister a few pennies each day to take with her to school: Twenty kopecks was a lot of money back then – you could buy a whole loaf of bread with it. My sister spent it on chocolates.
Six Shkilna (School) chocolates came to about 100 grams. Nowadays the brand is called Korivka but the chocolates are exactly the same. And my sister always brought home three chocolates, half of what she had bought that day, to give to me. It doesn’t seem like much – three chocolates – but 50 years later I still remember her kindness to me.
And if you too share with each other – instead of thinking me, me, me – if you really share, then you will see the great joy that you receive, I told the children.
So then we handed out the chocolates among the children and they immediately started to share them with each other and with the volunteers and teachers, too: Take some, please.
Looking at them, I saw a living example of Christian charity. They were only four days into their stay at the camp. And already thanks to the operation Father for Ukraine and Caritas-Spes Ukraine, these little ones had become a little kinder, if only for that moment.


Video shows: President of Caritas-Spes Ukraine Father Petro Zharkovskii (with guitar) and Father Vladislav and others teaching kids from eastern Ukraine to praise God.

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