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Caritas-Spes Ukraine provides shelter to refugees

Caritas-Spes Ukraine provides shelter to refugees

Most Ukrainians spent this night in basements and shelters under the sound of bombing and sirens. The situation is changing very quickly. he Russian Federation is attacking Ukraine in all directions at the same time, including the capital City.

There have been no military operations of this scale in Europe since World War II. The most frightening thing is that Russian troops attack not only military facilities, but sleeping areas, hospitals, educational institutions, etc.

The morning of Mission Caritas-Spes Ukraine begins with a chat call to check who is where and whether all are alive. Then we start to work. The mission is now evacuating children and families to safer places. 

The Mission also collects information on humanitarian needs. If you need help, please fill out the form and Caritas-Spes Ukraine will seek opportunities to help you.

 Transcarpathia (Zakarpatia)

Accommodates refugees in parishes, camps, dormitories, etc. The first two days, about 400 people were accommodated. Also, all 13 charity canteens in Transcarpathia are currently working.


Caritas-Spes Lutsk organized a vault in the dungeon of the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, where everyone living in the old city area or nearby, because it is one of the most reliable and safest locations. In the dungeon, seating places were arranged and warmed with straw cover, so that people may lie down, if necessary. Drinking water has been stored there. There is access to sockets, so, the people may connect to the network to charge the devices if necessary.


— People come with families, with pets, remaining in the dungeon until the signal comes from the outside that the situation is controlled and safe, — says Fr. Pavlo Khomyak, the director of Caritas Spes Parish of Sts Peter and Paul. Fr. Pavlo also added that in order to strengthen the fighting spirit and inform people how to provide first aid and how to complete a first aid kit, “today Caritas-Spes Lutsk volunteer and medical specialist will provide professional training. And right after that, we'll make varenyky for our defenders, because let's remember that war is war, and dinner should be on schedule! " - Fr. Pavlo Khomyak. 


Caritas-Spes Berdyansk has organized a shelter for accommodation where the food is provided. "Yesterday we accommodated a large number of children and the elderly people. The night was calm. We do not know what will happen next. There is a lack of storage facilities” said Yaroslava Pylypenko, the Caritas-Spes Berdyansk project coordinator.


Caritas-Spes Kamenets-Podolsky receives families in need. Two families have already accepted, two can still accept. They will inform about further actions.


Caritas-Spes Zhytomyr helps citizens with food and medicines.


Caritas-Spes Kharkiv collects information about needs and gives out food kits to those who asks. About 100 food kits have already been distributed.


Caritas Spes Lviv accommodates refugees.

Contacts can be obtained through the national office of the Mission or contact the Mission's offices directly. We will try to update the information on a daily basis. Follow our pages on social networks: Facebook, Instagram and on the website.



26 February 2022
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