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Declaration of responsibility of journalists during martial law

Dear journalists, we are grateful to you for taking note of the ‘Caritas-Spes Ukraine’ Mission. Given the wartime, we call your attention to the fact that in order to cooperate with us, it is important that you follow the rules for media coverage stipulated by law. Information is also a weapon. During martial law, the misuse of information leads to casualties. Therefore, the Provisions of the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Legal Regime of the Martial Law’, Article 8, in particular, envisage the control of mass media and restrictions on sharing certain information.

The Law ‘On Approving the Decree of the President of Ukraine ‘On the Imposition of Martial Law in Ukraine’ and the Decree envisage the restrictions on freedom of speech, stipulated by Article 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

The restrictions on journalists, in the first place, concern the spread of information about the powers and the means of defence of the state. The Decree of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine dated 03.03.22 № 73 ‘On the Interaction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Other Defence Units with the Representatives of Mass Media for the Period of the Legal Regime of Martial Law’ defines the list of information which remains restricted until disclosed. Hence, for cooperation, please submit a scanned copy of your Press ID Card to In your email, make sure you indicate the reason for video and photo shoots, interviews, coverage etc and send a scanned copy of your Declaration of Responsibility signed by you, which you may find by downloading it here.

We are thankful to you for helping us share the information about the good deeds which hasten our victory.

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