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Medical Center and promotions

Human health is one of the values to which Caritas-Spes Ukraine dedicates the vast majority of projects and programs. Medical offices, visits to doctors, medical assistance - all these are projects that have been operating in various diocesan centers of the Mission for over 20 years.

Medical programs have been operating for over
20 years

At the end of 2019 start of outpatient medical promotions in various regions of Ukraine was a real breakthrough. The program was launched in cooperation with “Promotion of Medical Development” International Charitable Foundation. A team of volunteer doctors, in agreement with the abbots of Roman Catholic parishes, received patients in churches or parish premises in different parts of Ukraine. Parish covered only travel and nutrition costs for medical personnel. All care was free for patients.

From the end of 2020, on the basis of the Kyiv Social and Pastoral Center of John Paul II, Kyiv St. Luke's Medical and Diagnostic Center began its work in partnership with «Promotion of Medical Development» Foundation. The center equipped with modern medical equipment, which allows quality diagnostics, conducts reception by qualified doctors on a regular basis.

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