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We need to be ready to provide long-term assistance to address the profound humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine

Two years of uninterrupted war and a decade-long military campaign in Ukraine are deepening the humanitarian crisis.

Over 6,9 million Ukrainians have been displaced, with nearly 5 million more forced to flee within their own borders. Tens of thousands of territories remain under occupation, spanning nearly three hundred thousand square kilometers of land laden with mines. Bodies of water and soil stand poisoned, ecosystems lay in ruin. Once hailed as Europe's granary, Ukraine now smolders in the crucible of conflict. Experts grimly predict that it will require over 700 years to clear the land of mines alone. Over 3.3 million people in need of aid live in front-line communities in the east and south. In this part of Ukraine, including the territories under the temporary control of the Russian Federation, millions struggle to have adequate access to water, food, health, housing, protection and other essential services and supplies.

Thanks to the unwavering support of the international community, Caritas-Spes Ukraine have been able to swiftly implement rapid response programs, a monumental effort that has helped avert a humanitarian catastrophe, at least within the territories under the control of the Ukrainian government. The flow of assistance remains uninterrupted, a testament to the solidarity of our partners – Caritas organizations from various countries, diplomatic missions, governments, and numerous humanitarian entities who continue to stand by our side. Your solidarity translates into a myriad of humanitarian projects and programs aimed at rebuilding, nourishing, clothing, and nurturing both bodies and souls.

In two years of the full-blown war Caritas-Spes Ukraine along with partners currently covers more than 15,000 settlements, including frontline zones. Today, the activities of Caritas-Spes Ukraine are supported by more than 100 partners. Thanks to the support of our partners, 1,1 million beneficiaries have been reached since February 24, 2022. 

“According to multiple forecasts from military and political experts, the war could extend for as long as a decade. Today marks the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion and the beginning of a decade-long military presence in Ukraine. We need to be ready to provide long-term assistance to address the significant humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, which ultimately affects the global community.

For two years now, we have been carrying the cross of service through rockets, explosions, sirens and the deaths of loved ones. We've offered prayers for peace amidst the turmoil. Despite our efforts in aiding and supporting people in various needs, unfortunately, there are still many lives shattered by war before us. We extend our gratitude to our partners who help us to carry the cross of service in times of war, just as Simon the Cyrenian helped to carry the cross of Jesus Christ. We have already completed 730 stations, but how many more are ahead. We hope that together with our partners we will be able to reach the resurrection," said father Vyacheslav Grynevych.

Fr. Vyacheslav Grynevych SAC

Executive Director

Caritas-Spes Ukraine

14 February 2024
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