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Vacancy of a procurement manager is open

Vacancy of a procurement manager is open

Position: Procurement manager   
Reporting to: Operations Director  
Position is based: Remotely/Relocation/City 

Under the supervision of Operations Director, Procurement manager will coordinate all procurement activities and processes to acquire goods and services in support of the delivery of high-quality programming to the poor and vulnerable. Coordinates the quality and efficiency of procurement and purchasing activities and ensure stewardship, integrity, transparency, and accountability.  

Coordinates fully compliant procurement systems and operating procedures.  
Contributes to ensuring compliance with Caritas SPES procurement principles, standards, and policies, donor regulations, and local statutory requirements.  
Coordinates with various departments to develop and maintain an up-to-date procurement plan with all quantities, quality and delivery requirements for goods and services.  
Provides pricing information to assist budget holders with budget preparation.  
Coordinates the sourcing process and perform various activities to assist with ensuring the best value for money: market research, cost estimates, solicitation documents, bidding process facilitation, supplier identification and research, quality and availability of goods assessment, negotiation, contract/purchase order and other documents preparation.  
Communicates with various program and operation team to coordinate and track goods/services delivery and receipt and keep everyone informed of the status. Collects information to confirm that goods/services delivered are what have been ordered in the correct quantities and quality, they arrive on schedule and at the right cost.  
Maintains correspondence and constant contact with suppliers to follow up on the execution of contractual terms and conditions, and handle issues if needed. Monitors and report on supplier performance, noting current and/or potential issues and/or inefficiencies and assist with contract/purchase order modifications.  
Accountable for transparency within the procurement department through ensuring a complete, accurate and up-to-date document trail of all procurement processes, vendor files, procurement and inventory database to assist with control and accountability. Prepare reports and facilitate document retrieval. 
Job specifications: 
Bachelor's Degree 

Manifests Caritas SPES Ukraine mission, values, and guiding principles to help improve the lives of the poor, vulnerable, and voiceless. 
Makes responsible and efficient use of time, talent, money, assets, and natural resources to achieve plans and goals. 
Builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships through solidarity. 
Builds the capacity of self, staff and partners to continue learning and innovating to better fulfill our mission. 
Minimum of 3 years work experience in procurement/purchasing management, logistics, administration, preferably with an international organization.  
Good knowledge of various donor procurement regulations.  
Knowledge of international and national procurement regulations and local market conditions.  
Knowledge of contract terms, as well as a proven ability to successfully complete purchase orders against specifications.  
Proven English speaking abilities  
Good planning and coordination skills and ability to prioritize competing priorities effectively 
Good analytical skills with ability to make independent judgment and decisions  
Proficient in MS Office package (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).   

Compliance with "PROTECTION AGAINST ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION" Caritas-Spes Ukraine "Policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults"  ( ). 
Compliance with "Code of Ethics - STANDARDS OF CONDUCT for "Caritas-Spes Ukraine" employees "  (  ). 
Compliance with "CODE OF CONDUCT for Caritas-Spes Ukraine to protect children and young people from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation" ( ). 
Signing of declarations of compliance "Code of Ethics - STANDARDS OF CONDUCT for "Caritas-Spes Ukraine" employees" ( )" and "CODE OF CONDUCT for Caritas-Spes Ukraine to protect children and young people from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation "( ). 

Resume should be sent to: 

5 May 2022
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