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Tears of Ukrainian Society

Tears of Ukrainian Society

War makes both adults and children cry; we learn it when hiding in basements during the airstrikes! The war-wounded hearts will never be healed! Aside from material losses that can be rebuilt over time, the pain and fear that people will experience will take very long to recover.

To date, the war has already killed 352 (16 children) people and wounded 2040 (45 children). 100 thousand people were forced to leave their houses and seek shelter in other cities or countries.

Caritas Spes supports people who gathered at the western borders; about 4200 thousand got our support. We provide temporary housing in shelters (350). In Lutsk, our center sheltered 42 children. Our camps sheltered 280 people. We are equipping shelters in five cities, one of which is in a children's hospital, for pregnant women, women who just delivered, and children. We understand that these are only the first days of a terrible war, which like a terrible dream, have enwrapped our society.

Caritas Spes opened up an emergency office in Warsaw, thanks to the openness of Caritas Poland. We sent two employees there who are already working with us from there. This office will be helpful in case the situation in Ukraine becomes worse, and we will lose communication with the rest of the world. It will also enhance further coordination of assistance to the Ukrainian people.

Our employees work in different places, day and night. They prepare projects and coordinate activities even when hidden in the bomb shelters. We just launched our Twitter for our English-speaking audience

Caritas Spes promptly set up a network of volunteers who contacted us and asked how they could be helpful with tears in their eyes. And we tried to involve all of them, as the needs are growing with the escalation of the war. 

Dear friends, we are not afraid to wipe tears away from the faces of our brothers and sisters, thanks to your generous support and prayers.

Thank you, and please pray for the souls of the ones who lost their lives and for us.


Father Vyacheslav

Executive Directory

1 March 2022
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