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Emergency Appeal reporting: the statistics with the human lives behind them

The essence of our project lies in its name - Emergency Appeal "Responding to emergencies and the consequences of hostilities in Ukraine". This means an instant response to an acute demand that needs to be met immediately: providing shelter, food, warmth, help with an emotional crisis, etc.

During the first year of the war, our activities were focused on these tasks. However, the current stage of the Emergency Appeal, which started in April 2023, has set as its key goal the support of the most war-affected citizens who cannot cope with the current challenges on their own.

Thus, our efforts are focused on helping internally displaced people and residents, namely the elderly over 70, large families, pregnant women, disabled people of groups I and II and families with children with disabilities.

The implementation of the new objectives of the Emergency Appeal involved 32 centres of Caritas-Spes Ukraine in all seven dioceses, and geographically, the project successfully operates in 16 regions of Ukraine. Stable funding for its activities was ensured thanks to the support of the Catholic charitable community of the Caritas Internationalis confederation.

Currently, Emergency Appeal continues its activities and is pleased to share with you an interim report for 9 months of continuous work. To read the results of our work, please follow the link.

9 February 2024
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