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Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship and related investment projects are an effective mechanism for solving local social and economic problems of territorial communities and local branches of the Caritas-Spes Ukraine Mission.

By buying our products, you support
projects of good

Today there are three charitable bakeries (in the Seredne village (Zakarpattia region), Orativ (Khmelnytsky region) and Pnikut village (Lviv region), which provide bread and pastries for family-type orphanages, as well as nearby schools and kindergartens.

In the Zarichya village (Lviv region) an apiary and ponds for fish breeding successfully operate. The profit received due to this production goes to the maintenance of family-type orphanages in Pnikut village.

Another successful investment project is its own candle factory, the products of which allow to hold a "Christmas candle" promotion.

By buying products made by our social entrepreneurships, people support orphans, children deprived of parental care, children from large and low-income families and volunteer initiatives.

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