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Houses of Mercy

The Mission's 4 Houses of Mercy provide lifelong shelter, community, and a dignified old age for more than a hundred elderly people.

Ongoing activities
25 years

State social institutions do not accept seniors who have relatives. This rule does not apply if they have a child with disabilities or a retired one. Therefore, an elderly person cannot claim a place in a state nursing home if he/she has an able-bodied adult child, even if they wish. Non-governmental institutions such as Houses of Mercy become their only hope in such a situation.

Unfortunately, sometimes the circumstances do not permit them to live with family members who might be away working abroad or very sick and unable to take care of his/her senior parents. There are also other, sometimes very sad, situations. The majority of the residents are over 70 years old with the oldest being over 90. The residents receive high-quality care and those with health issues are provided with good medical assistance.

Each House also provides spiritual care through cultural programs that help residents to find a friendly environment, substitutes for home. Those who are able to walk have an opportunity to attend daily Holy Mass those with limited mobility are assisted by staff workers and volunteers and the bedridden receive Holy Communion in their rooms administered by a priest.

For all residents of the Houses of Charity, the sisters and workers try to arrange the same holidays as they had in the family. Here, in particular, they celebrate birthdays, and once a month they celebrate a common Holy Mass for all birthdays and greet them all. Sometimes volunteers bring gifts for special occasions, organize evening programs or entertainment. Schoolchildren often come to the Houses of Mercy, bringing their own hand-made souvenirs.

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