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About us

«Caritas-Spes» Religious Mission of Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine is one of 48 members of Caritas Europa Federation and a member of Caritas Internationalis - a global confederation of 162 Catholic organizations. In Ukraine, the Mission operates in all regions, with a National Office and seven regional branches operating in each diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

«Caritas-Spes Ukraine» promotes social justice by popularizing Christian charity. Our activities are aimed at: overcoming poverty, establishing justice and restoring human dignity, regardless of religion, skin color, nationality, political or ideological beliefs.

Cherish merciful love and hope in actions

Our mission

Cherish merciful love
and hope in actions

Our vision

To build a civilization of love, justice and peace that will overcome poverty, establish justice and restore the dignity of every person in all regions of Ukraine


The main sources that inspire and guide “Caritas-Spes Ukraine” include: the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, the teachings of the Gospel and the Church, and current legislation. The Mission's day-to-day work is based on three principles: respect for the human person, solidarity and subsidiarity.

Cherish merciful love and hope in actions
«Caritas-Spes Ukraine» on the map
«Caritas-Spes Ukraine» works in all regions, uniting the National Office and seven diocesan centers that operate in each diocese of the Roman Catholic Church and, in turn, coordinate the work of parish centers.

Religious Mission «Caritas-Spes» Lviv Archdiocese in Ukraine

Main office: street Vynnychenko, 32, Lviv, 79008

phone: +38 (032) 235-06-44

fax: +38 (032) 235-06-45

Director: Rev. Vyacheslav Dorosh


Religious Mission «Caritas-Spes» Lutsk Diocese in Ukraine

Main office: Cathedral Street, 17, Lutsk, Volyn region, 43000

phone: +38 (033) 272-14-12

Director: Rev. Roman Burnyk


Transcarpathian Regional Charitable Foundation of St. Martin (Caritas-Spes-Zakarpattya)

Main office: Myru street, 15, Mukachevo, Zakarpattya region, 89600

phone: +38 (031) 315 46 71

fax: +38 (031) 315 46 71

Director: Fedir Feger


Religious Mission «Caritas-Spes» Kharkiv-Zaporizhzhya Diocese in Ukraine

Main office: Gogol street 4, Kharkiv, Kharkiv region, 61000

Director: Rev. Wojciech Stasiewicz


Religious Mission «Caritas-Spes» Kamyanets-Podilsky Diocese in Ukraine

Main office: Tatarska street 20, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khmelnytsky region, 32300

Director: Rev. Gabriel Sukharsky


Charity Fond of Religious Mission «Caritas-Spes» Kyiv-Zhytomyr Diocese in Ukraine

Main office: Baseina street, 9, Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr region, 10002

Director: Rev. Vitaliy Uminsky


RO RM «Caritas-Spes-Odesa»

Main office: Katerynynska street 33, Odesa, Odesa region, 65045

Director: Rev. Piotr Rosochatski


National office

Head office: Kostiolna street, 17, 01001, Kyiv, Ukraine

phone: +38 (044) 278-19-37

President: Fr. Petro Zharkovskyi

Secretary General: Rev. Vyacheslav Grynevych SAC


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