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Attack on the humanitarian warehouse of Caritas-Spes Ukraine.

On the night of September 19, 2023 Russian troops hit an industrial enterprise in Lviv, where the Caritas-Spes Ukraine humanitarian aid warehouse was located. The Mission's employees were unharmed, but the warehouse with everything inside burned to the ground.  

We will be able to calculate the final details of the losses later, as special services are currently working at the scene. We already know that 33 pallets of Pack for Ukraine food packages, 10 pallets of hygiene kits and canned food, 10 pallets of generators and clothes were destroyed. According to Markiyan, a Caritas-Spes worker in the Lviv Archdiocese about 300 tons of humanitarian goods were burned in the warehouse. He managed to save the humanitarian transport.    

This is not the first time when Russian Federation has attacked humanitarian warehouses in Ukraine. It is difficult to count all the attacks on humanitarian warehouses due to the confidentiality of information, but according to media reports, in May this year, the warehouses of two humanitarian organizations in Odesa and Ternopil were destroyed. Caritas-Spes Ukraine is monitoring the situation and will keep its partners informed. 

Photo: Caritas-Spes Ukraine

Video: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

19 September 2023
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