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Sponsor: Neighbor in Need / Caritas Austria / ADA

Region: Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Kharkiv

Project term: 01.11.2022-31.12.2023


26 046 individuals

The main objective of the HARPU project (Humanitarian assistance and resilience for vulnerable war-affected populations in Ukraine) is to improve the food security and hygiene situation of the most vulnerable IDPs, to give the most war-affected categories of citizens more opportunities to protect themselves during the winter months and to meet their most urgent winter preparation needs through the provision of housing, as well as to ensure their improved access to psychosocial support services.

The implementation of HARPU involves: meeting the most urgent needs for saving and protecting the lives of not only internally displaced persons, but also other vulnerable sections of the population, such as people with disabilities, the elderly, women, and single persons in households.

This powerful project, which plans to reach about 16,000 individual beneficiaries, in addition to the distribution of food and hygiene kits, includes the following series of initiatives:

✓ multi-purpose cash assistance, issuing vouchers for food and hygiene kits;

✓ distribution of heating devices and blankets;

✓ modernization and repair before winter of the collective shelter for IDPs in Vinnytsia and creation of a social laundry;

✓ psychosocial support services and holding summer activities for children aged 6-17 and their parents, as well as strengthening the personnel potential of Caritas-Spes Ukraine staff through courses and trainings.

Assistance within the scope of the project will be provided only to persons who meet the specified criteria:

✓ Internally displaced persons (IDPs) with an IDP certificate after February 24, 2022;

✓ A local resident, whose housing was destroyed or damaged as a result of shelling (military actions) – a certificate of housing inspection is available;

✓ Single-person households (single people);

✓ Single mothers (fathers) who have a child (children) under 18 years of age;

✓ Large families (three or more children);

✓ People with disabilities;

✓ Elderly people (70+ years inclusive).

Budget: 3 064 400 €


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