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Strengthening youth social work

Sponsor: Renovabis, Kindermissionswerk Die Sternsinger e.V

Region: 7 dioceses of Ukraine

Project term: 01.01.2020-30.04.2023


2700 children


  • Children's vacation in Caritas-Spes camps
  • Activities in Dioceses (youth events)
  • Training for leisure organizers to work with children
  • Training for Caritas-Spes employees

Beneficiaries of the project are children, youth, group leaders (volunteers), and Caritas-Spes employees.


  • 2,700 children with mothers, teenagers and children displaced or affected by the war, aged 0 to 17, strengthened their personal qualities, stress resistance and social action skills in various social and recreation centers of Caritas-Spes Ukraine.
  • 3,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 18 strengthened their social action skills and took on social responsibility by engaging them in various activities and conducting relevant training and education with them.
  • 90 young, educated adults aged 18 to 25 apply their new knowledge in the field of child and youth care.
  • 150 employees of Caritas-Space have been trained in social management, human resources management, financial administration, anti-corruption and prevention of sexual violence against minors. Trainings on management, non-violent communication and coordinating the work of local cells were also held.

Budget: 750 000 €


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