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Winterization project in Ukraine 2022-2023

Sponsor: Caritas Luxembourg, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg

Region: Kyiv Region, City of Kharkiv, Kрarkiv Region, Odesa Region, Mykolaiv Region

Project term: 01.01.2023-31.05.2023


18 modular houses

32 families (repairs)

120 families (building materials)

150 heating "packages"


  • Supporting families with fuel materials (firewood)
  • Support for private households (construction materials + repair works)
  • Support for residents of urban apartment buildings (construction materials)
  • Program: "Mobile House"

Support for Ukrainian civilians in rural areas and in cities (residents of apartment buildings) whose shelters were damaged during the temporary occupation and the period of active hostilities in three regions of the country (north, east, south).

Budget: 905 901,10 €


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