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Reconstruction of a Сenter for rehabilitation of disabled children in Zarichany and Providing Kharkiv with means of heating

Sponsor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Slovenia

Region: Zharichany and Kharkiv region

Project term: 22.11.2022-15.3.2023


90 children in Zharichany

1500 families


  • Finishing the roof insulation - cladding
  • Rainwater drainage system
  • Finishing works around the external windows of the building
  • Installation of plasterboard and completion of wall and ceiling works
  • Paving work in the internal parts of the building
  • Finishing of walls in corridors
  • Preparation of walls and ceilings for painting


  • 700 small wood-burning stoves,
  • 100 receive electric radiators,
  • 200 receive blankets,
  • 400 food packages.

The project aims to provide comprehensive assistance to target populations across 2 regions in Ukraine (Kyiv-Zhytomyr and Kharkiv).

Most urgent humanitarian needs are supported through the following modalities: in-kind,and winterization assistance will be provided to vulnerable households during the winter seasons 2022 and 2023. Reconstruction work will take place at the Zarichani rehabilitation centre.

Budget: 300 000 €


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