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«Caritas-Spes» Mission of Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine is one of 48 members of the Caritas Europa Federation and a member of Caritas Internationalis - a global confederation of 162 Catholic organizations. In Ukraine the Mission operates in all regions, with a National Office and 7 regional branches in each diocese of the Roman Catholic Church of Ukraine (RCCU).

Each year, thanks to you, «Caritas-Spes Ukraine» brings support for more than

120 000

These include the elderly, single people, people with disabilities, children and young people, students, families in difficult life circumstances, the unemployed and other vulnerable groups in society...

To get acquainted with the results, please visit ANNUAL REPORT AND TRANSPARENCY page.

About 5000 children were patronized by «Caritas-Spes Ukraine» in 2019.

About 200 young people have the opportunity to get an education through a scholarship program.

About 150 elderly have found their home in the House of Mercy Mission.

More than 12000 families and single people are annually registered by social centers of «Caritas-Spes Ukraine» and receive permanent assistance in humanitarian, educational and medical programs.

More than 100000 poor and homeless people receive permanent assistance throughout Ukraine.

«Caritas-Spes Ukraine» is an international organization, being guided by the principles of transparency, cares about the rights and safety of beneficiaries and employees. Since 1996, «Caritas-Spes Ukraine» has been systematically implementing charitable projects and programs, giving impetus to real social changes in Ukraine.

«Caritas-Spes» Mission implements both sustainable programs (for more than 25 years) aimed at the ongoing support of children, youth, mothers, the elderly and the poor. Also Mission carries out project activities in areas that do not contradict the principles and values of Roman Catholic Church. We train our team, build institutional capacity and continually improve our ministry. In recent years, a special priority of Mission has been the development of volunteering and all-sufficient communities, which we believe are capable of transforming positive changes in society. You can get acquainted in detail with the results of the work on ANNUAL REPORT AND TRANSPARENCY page.

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