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Children's palliative hospital «Small Hearts/Kleine Herzen»

According to various data, about half a million people in Ukraine need palliative care, about 80000 of them are children. Parents of children with incurable diseases often find themselves alone with problems for which they are not prepared either morally or physically.

Annually in Ukraine
80 000
children need palliative care

In 2019 Caritas-Spes Ukraine thanks to fruitful cooperation with St. Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky Charitable Foundation opened the first children's palliative hospital in Kyiv for 5-6 places. This department operates at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology named after Academician O. Lukyanova of the National Academy of Medical Sciences.

  • The department is equipped with devices that allow for intensive care, as well as devices for respiratory support and monitoring of patients.
  • In the hospital there are conditions for a stay of mom or dad with a small patient.
  • Due to the presence of Surgical Department, gastrostomes, tracheostomes, etc. can be installed to palliative patients.
  • The department is multidisciplinary, because it provides all necessary child care, including resuscitation, on the spot.

Children's palliative hospital «Small Hearts / Kleine Herzen» has been renovated and equipped thanks to the cooperation of the Caritas-Spes Mission of Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine and the St. Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky Charitable Foundation with Austria founders - Merck Family Foundation. Kleine Herzen Foundation and H. Stepic CEE Charity.

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