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Family-type orphanages

A child must grow up in a family, a child must have loving parents who take care of him/her, give him/her an opportunity to develop, to grow in perception, to have a happy childhood. The first Caritas-Spes Ukraine family-type orphanages appeared in Zakarpattia in 1999. For today 240 children deprived of parental care have found family and love in 19 orphanages.

are under the care of 19 family-type orphanages

Principles of our orphanages:

  • Family
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Trust
  • Perception
  • Development
  • The value of each

We have not only orphans, but also so-called “social orphans” whose parents are deprived of their care rights. Children attend secondary schools and kindergartens (if their state of health allows). Gifted children attend various hobby groups. At the same time, there are those who find it very difficult to study even at school, so tutors work with them.

The biggest cost items are food and various educational activities for children.

The Government gives out 3000 UAH per month for each child. It does not cover even a third part of the costs, so the guardians and Caritas-Spes Ukraine are constantly attracting new sponsors.

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