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Children's vacations

Each summer Caritas-Spes Ukraine is able to accept more than 3000 children in 5 recreation centers. 2020 was unprecedented year in the history of the Mission, as the Covid-19 pandemic banned recreational and health camps for children

In total, more than
3 000
children rest annually in Caritas-Spes Ukraine camps

For more than twenty years, the children's and youth recreation project made a leading activity of Caritas-Spes Ukraine. Each recreation center is located in picturesque and ecologically clean regions of Ukraine - from Carpathians to Azov Sea. Currently there are centers in five localitions:

  • «Children's Village» in Yablunytsya village (Carpathians, Ivano-Frankivsk region)
  • Nadiya Center (Zarichany village on Teteriv river banks in Zhytomyr Region)
  • Center in Pulmo village (Shatsk Lakes - Volyn)
  • Quo Vadis Center on the coast of Azov Sea of (Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region)
  • Center in Oleksandrivka village (bank of Sluch river in Zhytomyr region)

Each year children from all over Ukraine, regardless of religion, any identities and beliefs, have a rest in our Centers.

26 years
of children's vacations

The mission started its first children's vacations in 1995 in Oleksandrivka, on the initiative of the newly ordained bishop Stanislav Shyrokoradiuk.

They began before the official establishment of the Caritas-Spes Mission in the form of tent camps. Later, the first vacation homes appeared.

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